Beatriz Ramos-Rivera’s latest series titled Sailboats is a continuation of her autobiographical paintings and a reflection of her everyday view since moving to Lake Lanier. Like most of her work, these paintings are an exploration of light and structure. Beatriz’s signature delicate brushstrokes give the sailboats force of life and a sense of movement that is not only visualized but felt.. There is also striking dualism at play—earth and sky, clouds and water, man and nature. In pitting these elements against one another, Beatriz uses a versatile palette of colors as she captures luminous blue skies over blue waters, earthy green shorelines, and off-white clouds and sails of varying shades and consistencies. The only detail found in these paintings is of the sailboats themselves, showing Beatriz’s ability to create provocative paintings with very little detail. In Beatriz’s hands, these sailing scenes transcend the specifics of time and place and become an image of startling visual poetry.