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Shipping and/deliveries available world-wide

Send email here with work’s title, destination, requested ship date, framed (yes/no and type) and comments, as needed



I want people to enjoy my art, even in the small things that surround us every day.   When I think of someone wearing an apron or using a coffee mug imprinted with my work, I feel that I am bringing art and beauty to this world.

A large selection of such merchandise is available at my store.

For special order merchandise or high quantities contact me.


High Quality Copies

These are available for almost all of the works published in this site. Send email here indicating the following:

work’s title, destination, requested ship date, medium (canvas, cardboard, high-grade poster), desired size, framed  (yes / no), and comments, as needed


Producing one-of-a-kind Commissions

I create portraits commissions as well as commissions based on any other subject using a variety of mediums. My commissions adhere to the realism and general elements of style of my other work. I work directly with each client to ensure the following:

  • the final product aligns with their vision
  • we follow an agreed upon timeline, review and payment process
  • I collect all that I need to capture the personality of the subject portrayed